SOFC-PPP Workshop Results

The 2013 National Science Foundation sponsored Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Promise, Progress, and Priorities (SOFC-PPP) Workshop was held from July 11-12, 2013 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.


The objectives of this workshop were to:
  1. Allow representatives from academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas on how to best advance SOFC/SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell) technology
  2. Summarize the promise of SOFC/SOEC technology
  3. Describe the current challenges (technical, economic, political, etc.) limiting SOFC/SOEC development
  4. Identify emerging SOFC/SOEC research areas
  5. Outline a vision for future SOFC/SOEC development efforts
  6. Quantify the targets that need to be met to make SOFCs and/or SOECs commercially viable
  7. Evaluate the relative strengths/weaknesses of different SOFC/SOEC technologies (micro-SOFC vs. large-scale SOFC, planar vs. tubular designs, proton vs. oxide conductors, etc.)
  8. Describe how technological advances in SOFCs and SOECs would impact other fields, and vice-versa
  9. Comment on the strengths/weaknesses/effectiveness of current SOFC/SOEC funding arrangements, both domestically and abroad

Workshop Publications

The objectives in bold were met by engaging 37 invited participants and 15 self-nominated participants in presentations, review panels, committee meetings, and open discussions. The workshop conclusions are summarized in the following open-access, peer-reviewed Electrochemical Society Interface Article:

Winter 2013 ECS Interface Cover

Nicholas JD. Highlights from the 2013 National Science Foundation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Promise, Progress, and Priorities (SOFC-PPP) Workshop. ECS Interface 2013; 22 (4): 49-54.


SOFC-PPP Workshop Highlights

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